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Financial Aid

At St. Luke’s Episcopal School, we seek to enroll students based on their academic strengths, and not limit them based on their family’s financial situation. Once all admissions criteria have been met, a family may apply for financial aid. Our financial aid program is based strictly on financial need, rather than merit. Financial aid is available to students entering Grades 5 through 12.

Please see our Financial Aid Policy for additional information regarding financial assistance, timing, and the application process, by clicking here: St. Luke’s Financial Aid Policy

For more information and instructions on applying for financial aid through Smart Aid, please click here: Smart Aid

Please contact Megan Rone (251-666-2991, ext. 8122) for assistance regarding the financial aid process, or Angie Abel (251-666-2991, ext. 8135) for assistance regarding the admissions process.

Alabama Accountability Act of 2013

The Alabama Accountability Act of 2013 permitted the formation on non-profit “scholarship granting organizations” (SGO).  These SGO’s are funded by individual and corporate contributions and provide scholarships to financially eligible lower income K2-12th grade students in the state of Alabama.  SGO scholarships can provide some or all of the funding for students to attend an independent school like St. Luke’s.

How You Can Contribute and Get Tax Credits:

The Alabama Accountability Act of 2013 provides tax credits to individuals or businesses who donate to non-profit scholarship programs so low income families can send their students to a non-failing school.

Individuals and C Corporations may make a donation to St. Luke’s for up to 50% of their Alabama tax liability and receive 100% TAX CREDIT. The annual maximum for individuals is $7,500. There is no maximum for C Corporations.

The donation also qualifies for federal tax deduction.

For example, if you owe the state of Alabama $10,000 in 2015, you can donate $5,000 to St. Luke’s and then only owe the state $5,000!

For more information regarding Scholarships for Kids or the qualification process at St. Luke’s, please contact Anita Roberson at 251-666-2991 ext. 8157.

For more information on the Alabama Accountability Act please visit