Current Students

Each year, St. Luke’s holds an official re-enrollment period.   The parents of students who are enrolled for the current year and who are in good standing receive an electronic copy of their child’s contract for the upcoming school year.  This re-enrollment period is designed to be economically beneficial to all; and provide immediate feedback to the school for planning, allowing for accurate budgetary and personnel decisions, reducing administrative time and costs, and providing enrollment information to waiting pool families.

New Students

After the official re-enrollment period for current students, applicant files are processed and contracts will be mailed to new families.  The school will issue contracts to qualified students for whom space exists.  Admission to St. Luke’s is selective and based on factors which include academic record, admissions testing, personal observation (Early Childhood) and a record of good behavior.

Priority admission is given to:

  • Children already enrolled in the school
  • Siblings of current students
  • Children of families of St. Luke’s parish
  • Children of St. Luke’s alumni and staff