Why St. Luke's

Do Everything. Become Anything.

Fewer students means more opportunities for EVERY student to participate and excel. Opportunities abound for EVERY student in athletics, arts, and academics.

High Academic Standards

St. Luke’s Episcopal School nurtures intellectual curiosity, stimulates personal growth, and encourages critical thinking in our students. From foreign language instruction beginning in pre-kindergarten to AP classes in the upper school, St. Luke’s is known for its academic rigor, preparing students well for college and beyond.

Education for the Whole Child

At St. Luke’s, who students become is just as important as what they become. Through weekly chapel services, community service projects, and the guidance of our Honor Code, students are encouraged to respect the dignity, property, heritage, and beliefs of others.

The Best Investment

The best investment money can buy isn’t about money.  It’s about the right environment for children to learn, grow, find and develop their talents, in a safe campus among a caring community where all are welcomed and respected.  An investment in your St. Luke’s student is an exceptional value that pays dividends for a lifetime!