Archery has been a staple of SLES physical education classes for over 45 years. It was so popular and well received by our students that in 2006, Coach McKay began a competitive archery program for students in 4th grade and higher.  The archery program at St. Luke’s now encompasses students in grades 4-12 and provides an opportunity for students to compete at local, state and national levels.

Just 3 years after starting the program, the school’s elementary team finished 2nd at  the State Tournament and 27th out of 200 teams at the National Tournament.  St. Luke’s now has an elementary team (4th and 5th graders), a middle school team and a high school team.   The St. Luke’s teams consistently qualify for the State Tournament and have qualified for the National Tournament several times.

Archery season begins in the fall with students competing in approximately 10 local tournaments during the year.  The Regional Tournament is held in February, the State Tournament is in April and the National Tournament is held in May.