“Great heads don’t just manage a school, they brighten the future for students.”
                                                                                                                                                                         ~Southern Teachers Agency


March 18, 2019

Dear St. Luke’s Family,

The search for our next Head of School is off to a great start. In late February, our search consultants from Southern Teachers, Jamie Estes and Pat Taylor, conducted an intensive school visit over the course of two days to help them understand our school’s history, mission, and culture. Many thanks to Monica Cotton, Administrative Assistant to Mike Notaro, for the creation of a comprehensive set of meetings that allowed them to learn about St. Luke’s from our faculty, staff, students, administrators, parents, and Board of Trustees.

The Search Committee, in partnership with Southern Teachers, crafted a Position Profile that summarizes St. Luke’s and our community and outlines the goals and responsibilities for the next Head of School.  The Position Profile is designed to ensure that our school and the position is presented honestly and marketed effectively to the most qualified candidates.

Though every search is unique, and these dates could change, we are working with the following timeline moving forward:  

Spring – Advertise position and build candidate pool

Summer – Search committee interviews semi-finalist candidates

September – Finalist candidates visit campus

Early October – Search committee proposes candidate to Board of Trustees

Late October – Board announces new head to school community

July 1, 2020 – New Head of School officially begins

While Southern Teachers will be using their extensive networks to build a candidate pool, we also welcome nominations from our school community. If you know of someone whom you believe would serve St. Luke’s well based on the position profile, please contact me at jrossler@earthlink.net so Jamie and Pat can follow up. You may also refer to the website under the Head of School Search tab.


Jim Rossler
Search Committee Chair


This page will be updated as information regarding the Head of School search becomes available.  Please check back often for updates and information from our Head of School Search Committee and the Southern Teachers Agency.