Kindergarten at St. Luke’s Episcopal School

St. Luke's mascot holds a kindergarten student.

St. Luke’s kindergarten is the first step in the college preparatory process.

Kindergarten is the beginning of the college preparatory process. Children enrolled at St. Luke’s enjoy several benefits — small class sizes, a strong academic curriculum, and teachers invested in the success of their students. Find out if we’re the right choice for your family. We invite you to schedule a tour.

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St. Luke’s will challenge your child in every grade as well as kindergarten. In addition to added stress, switching schools can impact a student’s academic foundation. Choose a school that can challenge your child until graduation. Additionally, we understand that strong communication is built through long-lasting relationships. The school, the parents, and the child work together to ensure long-term success.

Kindergarten students at St. Luke’s enjoy the benefits of small class sizes.

• Average teacher-student ratio of 1:14 in kindergarten.

• Students score at the highest levels in science, reading, math on the Stanford Achievement Test.

• After kindergarten, the average student is already reading above grade level.

• More than half of graduating seniors who were awarded the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence started at St. Luke’s in kindergarten.

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                            Enrichment Opportunities

We provide structure for our students while they develop independence, decision-making skills, and proper social habits. St. Luke’s prides itself on a curriculum that goes beyond college-preparatory academics. We make plenty of time for play and imagination for curious minds.

Kindergarten children study and smile while learning in the computer lab

St. Luke’s integrates technology in the classroom for every grade level including kindergarten.

• Learning Centers & daily recess for playtime, independent learning, and social skills

• iPads and laptops to integrate technology with traditional curriculum

  Music & art classes as well as weekly story time at our on-campus library

• Field trips that engage & connect classroom content to our community

• Resource Services to boost academic performance in needed areas

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Where do I begin?

We encourage all families to first take a tour of St. Luke’s Episcopal School. Our campus for kindergarten, preschool, and young students up to the 5th grade is located at 3975 Japonica Lane. We want you to meet our administrators and teachers. In addition to meeting faculty, view our classrooms, facilities, and chapel.

Admissions testing will help ensure your child is compatible with the rigor of our academic program. Applicant files are processed after the re-enrollment of current students. St. Luke’s will issue contracts to qualified candidates for whom space exists. Due to limited space, we encourage parents to apply as soon as possible.

For more information, read about our admissions process here:

Admissions Process

Tuition varies by grade level. Click below for more information about cost of attendance.

Tuition & Fees

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We invite you to schedule a tour of St. Luke’s Episcopal School. Call us today at (251) 666-2991 to tour our campus at 3975 Japonica Lane. Due to limited space, we encourage parents to tour and apply as soon as possible. Call St. Luke’s Episcopal School today so we can develop your child for tomorrow’s world.

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