BYOD Policy

Revised 9-20-19

Since the implementation of our pilot BYOD program, the use of personal devices has become an essential part of our classroom experience.  The program has provided students with full-time access to limitless information and resources, and through the use of the devices they are developing a skill-set that is preparing them for the modern technology forward work force.  Our teachers have found that the addition of personal devices has provided them with numerous development opportunities in the classroom and our students are more eager to participate.

All students in grades 5-12 are required to have a device. Students in grades 6-12 must have a device at the start of the school year.  Students in Grade 5 must begin bringing a device on the first day of the second semester. (5th Grade BYOD Policy) Grades 6-9 are required to have a Chromebook and grades 9-12 must have a laptop or Chromebook.  Our approach to the implementation of the program is different for each grade, but all students in grades 5-12 must have a device that meets this policy.  We understand this expenditure may be difficult for some, however, we believe strongly in the program.  This is a necessary step in order to teach internet and technology competency that students do not get from smartphones.

It is also important for parents and students to be aware that these devices are not the property of St. Luke’s Episcopal School.  Any devices lost or damaged are the responsibility of the students and parents.  We  encourage our parents to review the Parent/Student Handbook regarding the school’s Acceptable Use Policy. 

Students in 5th through 8th grade are required to have a Chromebook. An iPad or Android tablet will not do the same amount of work in the same amount of time as a Chromebook or other laptop. We require Chromebook models that have 4gb of ram and charge using USB-C port. These are a few choice models.

CTL Chromebook NL7: $239  An education-focused model that is drop resistant and has a spill-resistant keyboard. 11.6 non-HD screen. Can be purchased with an additional case for added protection. 

CTL Chromebook NL7CT: $259  The same model as above but with a touch screen. Same drop resistance and spill-resistant keyboard. 11.6 non-HD touch screen. 

Lenovo 14e Chromebook: $289  A larger Chromebook with a 14-inch FHD screen and a faster processor. Drop-resistant and it has a spill-resistant keyboard as well.

9th through 12th grade students can use any laptop or Chromebook. We suggest Chromebook, like those listed above, or Macbooks. Windows devices are not suggested because of the additional upkeep they require. iPads and Android tablets are strongly discouraged because their software is not designed for creating, formatting and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

If you have any questions regarding appropriate laptops or Chromebooks, please email Duncan Cassidey at or 251-666-2991 ext. 8128.