St. Luke’s Episcopal School’s technology program provides students with the tools that they need for the future. A cross-platform of Mac/PC provides for a broad knowledge base to help students achieve in any environment.

Our Japonica Campus has a computer in every classroom for instruction, a PC library, and a Mac computer lab. A mobile wireless laptop cart allows teachers access to technology wherever it is needed. We also provide a multi-media, resource rich environment with I-Pad technology for even the youngest students! Students in kindergarten through the fifth grade attend computer science class to learn keyboarding and core skills necessary for academic achievement.

Our University Campus features a Mac library and a Mac computer lab. Core teachers use Macbooks for classroom instruction. There is campus-wide wireless access and students are encouraged to bring their own electronic devices for use in class. Technology for students in the sixth through the ninth grade is integrated with core curriculum subjects to develop spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, and research skills. Instruction is given by the core teachers and a resource teacher to provide more individual attention and guidance for each student.