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St. Luke’s Episcopal School’s technology program provides students with the tools they need for the future. Our multi-device environment of Macs, iPads and Chromebooks provides for a broad knowledge base to help students achieve in any environment. We have a Bring Your Own Chromebook program for 5th through 8th grade, and a Bring Your Own Device program for 9th through 12th grade. BYOD Technology Policy


Our Japonica Campus teachers use a variety of instructional technologies to inform and engage their students. Our dedicated computer teacher works with all ages from guided iPad lessons with the youngest students, to learning keyboarding and safe web skills and eventually  understanding the basics of coding and internet research with the oldest.  Using both our iPad cart and Chromebook cart the teachers can set up special stations for a few students or work with the class as a whole. Our 5th grade teachers have a mid year program to get their students to use their own Chromebooks in 6th grade. Our 5th graders are not required to have a Chromebook until mid year. During the first semester we focus on digital safety in the lab,  during the second semester the devices are used 1 to 1 to prepare for 6th grade expectations.


Our University Campus focuses on BYOD instruction supplemented by our computer teacher in the Mac Lab. University campus teachers focus on integrating devices into lessons in a deep and meaningful way. Including using modern presentation software, guided digital experiences/field trips, and in depth academic research and technical writing.