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BioMedical Health Science

Intricately integrated into our scope and sequence is our 3-year Biomedical Health Science Program, the area’s only pre-professional college preparatory health science curriculum.  The objective of this program is to offer students interested in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math and medicine) careers a dynamic curriculum that implements real world experience and hands on learning. This program teaches clinical assessment, fundamental application and advanced journal research skills that are utilized in the biomedical, bioengineering, biotechnical  and health science disciplines. It is designed to augment our stellar science and math college preparatory programs. Students experience numerous hands-on and simulated immersion activities and participate in interactive lectures and professionally led hands-on demonstrations.


St. Luke’s is the only high school in the area with a full functioning clinical skills and simulation lab. In addition to the interactive lectures and labs that are conducted by area medical professionals, our students experience simulated immersion activities in our on-site, state of the art clinical skills and simulation lab. This lab, the only high school lab of its kind in the area, provides space for hospital, clinic, and triage simulation as well as a flexible classroom and debriefing area. The lab is equipped with A/V capture technology for viewing in the classroom / debriefing area during or after recording. Mannequin-based simulation as well as standardized patient scenarios are demonstrated and practiced while students and instructors may also observe skills practice from outside the room through glass walls.

Students  are introduced to a wide range of careers from local health care professionals who volunteer their time to teach classes in their fields of expertise. Students are introduced to the clinical setting and begin learning in the hands on environment of our clinical skills lab, or on site at our partner facilities. Third year students  select a specific area of interest and spend a year immersed in research and job shadowing.  The program culminates with a Capstone Project Presentation that is attended by the student’s peers, parents, mentors and a panel of medical professionals.

We are in our 7th year of the program and have approximately 65 affiliates that participate with us. In addition to all 5 area hospitals, many private practice offices/clinics and numerous physicians, therapists, nurses and scientists welcome our students and allow them to observe and often participate in their daily tasks. Most of our graduates go on to pursue a degree in an area of interest that they identified through participation in this program.