BioMedical Health Science

The Biomedical Health Science Program is a series of three elective courses beginning the sophomore year of high school.  The program curriculum is designed to augment the college preparatory experience of those students interested in pursuing a career in Medical/Health/Science fields.  Students explore a variety of medical fields and occupations both in and out of the classroom.

Students begin by learning basic clinical skills and HIPPA guidelines.  They are introduced to a wide range of careers from local health care professionals who volunteer their time to teach classes in their fields of expertise.

Later students are introduced to the clinical setting and begin learning in a hands on environment.  Our gracious hosts invite them to participate in their daily activities including patient care and equipment operation.

Finally, senior students select a specific area of interest and spend a year immersed in research and job shadowing.  The program culminates with a Capstone Project Presentation that is attended by the student’s peers, parents, mentors and a panel of medical professionals.