Camp Wildcat Registration Form

Please read all of the information carefully before registering your camper at the bottom of the page.

Ages of Campers:
Junior Camp -- children who have completed Pre-school K2 through K4.
Senior Camp -- children who have completed K5 through 5th Grade.

Camp Dates:
May 30–August 4. Camp Wildcat will be closed July 4th. You may choose which weeks your child attends camp. More information below.

Camp Hours:
Camp begins daily at 7:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm. Parents must sign-in campers each morning in the front lobby at 3975 Japonica Lane. Parents must sign-out campers each day when picked up. Campers may not be dropped off before 7:30 am.

Camp Fees:
There is a $45 non-refundable registration fee per camper. No application is complete, and no child's spot guaranteed, without paying the registration fee. Parents pay the application fee at our front desk located at 3975 Japonica Lane Mobile, Alabama 36693.

The registration fee covers supplies and field trip admittance fees. For Senior Campers, a camp T-shirt is included and must be worn on field trip days.

Camp Tuition:

$135 per week for all five days (full week)
$100 per week for two or less days (partial week)

Camp tuition must be paid on the first day of the week at the time of sign-in. If tuition is not paid at the time of drop-off, the camper will not be allowed to stay at camp. If you pay for 3 or more days and only attend 2 days, no refunds will be given.

Camp Meals: Campers should bring a sack lunch and two snacks, one snack for the morning and one snack for the afternoon. Lemonade and water will be provided by the camp. No microwaveable items are allowed. Campers may purchase from the camp concessions. Money must be kept in a labeled Ziploc bag and will be sent home each day. No money will be kept on campus overnight.

Camp Dress: Comfortable play clothes and closed toe shoes are required each day. A towel and swimsuit will be required on swim days. You may pack swim shoes on swim day if desired. Please label all items. Please send a spray bottle of sunscreen. No other type of sunscreen will be applied by camp staff.

Off-campus Events/Field Trips: A signed parental consent is required for all field trips and off-campus events. Please sign the Field Trip Permission, Liability Release, and Medical Information and Release included in the registration packet. Some destinations may require specific waivers.

Children without the signed releases and applicable waivers will not be allowed to participate, nor will they be allowed to stay at Camp in lieu of participating in the field trip. In addition to field trips, Senior Campers will go to Oakwood Swim Club on Tuesdays of each week from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm for swimming. Junior Campers will not participate in off-campus field trips.

Late Arrivals: Children arriving after camp counselors have taken campers on field trips will not be allowed to stay on campus.

Junior Camp Wildcat (K3, K4, K5)Senior Camp Wildcat (1st-6th grade)

The weekly themes for Camp Wildcat are as follows:

Week 1: May 30-June 2 ---- "Wild” about Camp Wildcat
Week 2: June 5-June 9 ---- Space Place (Sr.)/Dino Land (Jr.)
Week 3: June 12-June 16 ---- VBS (Sr.)/Pirates & Princesses (Jr.)
Week 4: June 19-June 23 ---- “Aloha” Campers!
Week 5: June 26-June 30 ---- Party in the USA
Week 6: July 3-July 7 ---- Camping We Will Go
Week 7: July 10-July 14 ---- Fun and Fitness Olympics
Week 8: July 17-July 21 ---- Barnyard Palooza
Week 9: July 24-July 27 ---- Under the Big Top
Week 10: July 31-August 4 ---- Camp Wildcat’s Got Talent

Specify which weeks your child will attend (check all that apply):

Camp Fees: Camp Fees are due the first day of the week at the time of drop-off.

$135 per week for five days per week
$100 per week for two days or less per week

Week 1
Full WeekPartial Week
Week 2
Full WeekPartial Week
Week 3
Full WeekPartial Week
Week 4
Full WeekPartial Week
Week 5
Full WeekPartial Week
Week 6
Full WeekPartial Week
Week 7
Full WeekPartial Week
Week 8
Full WeekPartial Week
Week 9
Full WeekPartial Week
Week 10
Full WeekPartial Week

Indicate the name of person(s) other than parents who are authorized to pick up your child from camp:

Parent's Signature (Required):

Field Trip Permission
I certify that I am the parent or guardian of attending Camp Wildcat Summer Camp at St. Luke’s Episcopal School. The above mentioned Summer Camp has my full permission to allow my child to attend a field trip off-campus. I agree to hold harmless and release from liability St. Luke’s Episcopal School, or any employee or representative thereof, for any action, claim, or damage that may arise as a result of my child's participation. In the event my child needs emergency or medical treatment, every attempt will be made to contact us, the parent/guardian. In the event I/we cannot be contacted, my authorized signature below gives my/our permission to St. Luke’s Episcopal School to secure prompt treatment.

Parent's Signature:

Photo Release
I give my permission for St. Luke’s Episcopal School staff to use photographs of my child for purposes of publicity or publications, both internally and externally through various media sources, including but not limited to, newspaper, magazine, internet, and television.

Liability Release
I understand that participation in Camp Wildcat at St. Luke’s Episcopal School involves potential, although highly unlikely, loss or damage to personal property and bodily injury. In consideration of my child being permitted to participate in the scheduled activity, I hereby release and hold harmless St. Luke’s Episcopal School as sponsor, its officers, trustees, employees, affiliates and agents (the “Released Parties”) from any and all actions, damages, claims or demands which my child, our heirs, executors, administrators or assigns may have against the Released Parties for all bodily injuries, known misconduct or grossly negligent act, of any of the Released Parties. I, the undersigned, have read this release and understand its terms. I agree to follow, or cause to be followed, all directions of the Camp’s leaders.

Medical Information and Release

Emergency Contacts other than parents:

I authorize St. Luke’s Episcopal School to take whatever emergency medical measures are deemed necessary for the care and protection of my child. I understand this may involve transporting my child to a doctor, or to a hospital, or contacting Emergency Medical personnel for assistance.


** No application is complete, and no child's spot guaranteed, without paying the $45 registration fee. Parents pay the application fee at our front desk located at 3975 Japonica Lane Mobile, Alabama 36693.