Mother Oak Annual Fund

The Mother Oak Annual Fund is the cornerstone of all giving efforts because it serves our two greatest assets—our students and our teachers. Dollars raised help us provide students with classroom enhancements, teacher development, address emerging priorities of the school, build our endowment and bolster financial assistance. Your tax deductible, unrestricted gift ensures that St. Luke’s students benefit from an exceptional classroom experience beyond that which tuition alone would cover.

By giving to the Mother Oak Annual Fund, you are sending a powerful message that you believe in the mission of St. Luke’s Episcopal School to present a college preparatory community developing young men and women of honor, faith and responsibility with character and intellect to thrive in college and life. When you participate, you become a part of the school’s legacy of academic excellence and lifelong learning. Additionally, broad support from the entire school community helps to influence the giving decisions of foundations and businesses, further enhancing the learning experiences St. Luke’s can offer its students.

Ways to give

Online donations, stock transfers, credit card, cash or check.  When making a donation online please note that both credit card and bank draft options are available.

Make check payable to:
St. Luke’s Episcopal School
Development Office
1400 University Blvd. S
Mobile, AL 36609

Our Donors

Board of Trustees

Bob Alston
Chris Ashcraft
Brent Barkin
Robert Carlock
Reverend Ken Cumbie
Kim Dolbear
Fran Garrett
Terry Holt
David Hooper
Brian Knotts
Jimmy Lyons
Amber Martenstein
Mike Notaro
Scott Novak
Jaye B. Patterson
Llyod Roebuck
Jim Rossler
Bob Will

Faculty and Staff

Kelly Anderson
Tim Anderson
Jeannie Austin
 Suzy Banks
 Michelle Bentley
Michael Box
Amanda Boyle
Andrea Bryant
Katrina Busby
Duncan Cassidey
Kristi Champagne
Monica Cook
Leslie Cote
Monica Cotton
Catriena Daniel
 Denise Dauenheimer
Kantonio Davis
Laura Deal
Hilary DeArmon
Angie Dixon
Sandy Downing
Judi Duke
Julia Edmondson
Ellen Ford
 Annie Gwin
Michele Hamilton
Jeanne Hammons
Stephanie Harbin
Karen Haynes
Connie Jackson
Kelley Johnson
Amanda Keesee
Lydia Kelly
 Debra Lafayette
Brenda Langham
Julie Lary
Jackie Law
Ronn Lee
Courtney Lewis
Diane McCleery
Macy McKay
Angela Merrick
 Keesha Miles
 Cindy Miller
 Amber Miniard
Morgan Mohler
Paige Moore
Jennifer Moseley
Sara Norman
Mike Notaro
Micheal O’Brien
Megan Rone
Robert Salmons
 Laurie Speir
Tiffany Stallings
LouAnne Strope
Diane Swearingen
Greg Sykes
Mike Szymanski
Rebecca Tait
Tracy Taylor
Dana Thompson
Shelly Thompson
Ashton Twilley
Steven Waite
Missy Wallace
Laura Warner
Lincoln Womack

Church Vestry

Reverend Ken Cumbie
Mike Dossett
Edward Goudie
Sue Holmes
Mary Ann White
Bob Will


 Candy Acosta
Chris and Kelly Anderson
Chris and Angela Ashcraft
 Jason and Cyndy Baggett
Brent and Lauren Barkin
 Duane and Tangela Bell
David and Michelle Bentley
 Toby and Wendy Bitzer
Brian and Amanda Boyle
Mark and Andrea Bryant
Robert and Ashley Carlock
Scott and Jennifer Chaltain
 Kristi Champagne
Monica and Bryan Cook
Matt and Leslie Cote
Scott and Catriena Daniel
Kantonio and Latisha Davis
Chris and Hilary DeArmon
Robert and Angie Dixon
Nathan and Kim Dolbear
Russ and Becky Downing
Justin and Julia Edmondson
Lee and Fran Garrett
Jeffrey and Abbey George
Robert and Michele Hamilton
Lee and Jeanne Hammons
Kyle and Stephanie Harbin
Terry and Florencia Holt
David and Alicia Hooper
Brett and Connie Jackson
Kelley Johnson
Susan Kangal
David and Amanda Keesee
Matt and Miki Keith
Doug and Renee Knoll
Brian and Julie Knotts
Troy and Julie Lary
Eric and Amber Martenstein
Justin and Angela Merrick
Chris and Keesha Miles
Brian and Paige Moore
Robert and Jennifer Moseley
 Bailey and Sara Norman
Scott and Lorraine Novak
Chris and Jaye B. Patterson
Llyod and Laurie Roebuck
Wesley and Megan Rone
Jim and Becky Rossler
David and Kelly Rushing
Ryan and Renee Smith
Michael and Laurie Speir
 Matt and Tifanie Steele
Chip and Rebecca Tait
Larry and Shelly Thompson
David and Lucy Tufts
 Ashton Twilley
Brian Underwood and Ginger Golson
Steven and Kellie Waite
 Jeff and Melissa Wallace
Russel and Laura Warner
 Bart and Becky Welch
Eric and Tiffany West
 Jason and Crystal Yasurek

Friends and Grandparents

Dan and Suzy Banks
Sandra Barto
Ronnie and Janet Bryan
Annette Bunch
Scott and Jacqui Callahan
Allen and Debra Chapman
Everett and Karon Cote
Doctors West and Associates, LLC
Robert and Sandy Downing
Robert and Virginia Finney
Cheryl B. Fredere
Jeff and Janet Fuller
Duck and Judy Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gibbs III
Bill and Alix Hardie
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hardin
Dallas and Sue Holmes
Bill and Ann Johnston
Chevron Matching
Larry and Johnnie McCann
John and Edith McCreadie
Shirley McDaniel
Rolfand Sherry McInnis
Jeff and Jeannie Mynatt
Don and Melissa Pearman
Frank and Catherine Reese
Jim and Jerri Ricketts
James and Mary Riley
Wayne and Betty Joyce Speir
Mary Tims
Bill Ward
Robert and Ruthie Warner
Robert and Charlyn Will


Debra Chapman
Kelley Johnson
Ashton Twilley